PRC-Desoto International
A PPG Industries company

Document Management Soars High
At Aerospace Materials Manufacturer

AuLogic speeds delivery of product manuals and shipping data


The Company
PRC-DeSoto International, a PPG Industries company, is a technology and market leader in the development of aerospace sealants and coating, packaging and applications systems for multi-component materials, and high-performance sealants for the insulating glass and utilities industries. The company has more than 700 employees, including its International Headquarters staff in Glendale, California and at 20 manufacturing sites and application support centers (ASC) in California, New Jersey, England, France and Australia. PRC-DeSoto is a primary supplier to commercial and military aircraft manufacturers and commercial airlines worldwide. Major customers include Boeing, The Airbus Industries Consortium, the NASA Space Shuttle Program and the F-22 defense aircraft.

The company was spending an enormous amount of time distributing business-critical documents to the ASCs. The documents contain quality control testing instructions, shipping instructions and product hazard information, as well as kit sizes and packing instructions. In addition, the company was processing, routing and storing hundreds of documents pertaining to product development and manufacture, and occupational health and safety. Each new document or its revision had to be copied and then faxed or mailed to the ASCs as well as internal headquarters departments. These recurring demands resulted not only in excessive printing and shipping charges, but also delayed delivery of new technical specifications and product data.

A material safety data sheet (MSDS) specifying the health hazards and precautions for using a product must accompany every product shipment. In addition, the ASCs rely on the PRC-DeSoto shipping manual, which specifies how flammable materials must be packaged and shipped. If the company could find a way to produce and maintain these documents at headquarters while making them available to the ASCs on a timely basis, the savings would be significant.

For assistance in relieving the document management and delivery bottleneck, Product Information Manager Antoria Louie turned to Captaris reseller AuLogic. Their goals were to streamline the documentation process, facilitate information storage and routing, and improve shipping cycles.

Based on technical specifications provided by Louie and a beginning-to-end assessment of the process, AuLogic consultant Al Amiri recommended installation of IMR’s Alchemy Gold and the Alchemy Web Server, DataGrabber and Scan2 modules.

The IMR software has simplified the entire process. Each business day, product-related quality control cards, MSDS and other business critical documents are scanned into Alchemy, utilizing DataGrabber to capture and convert selected data. The current files are copied to a dedicated web server, where they are available to the remote ASCs using Alchemy Web Server. If a hard copy of the information is required, it can easily be download and printed from the PC desktop.

The Results
Alchemy provides a very effective solution. Said Antoria Louie, “We no longer need to publish and distribute hard-copy documents. It has given us the ability to index and store all of our data and diverse documents electronically in their native formats. Alchemy provides it all. Additional software or special programming is not required.”

What’s ahead for PRC-DeSoto’s use of Alchemy? According to Louie, the company is moving toward a paperless environment where customer information and business files are maintained in a single location along with production and shipping data.

Summary of Benefits

  • Quicker access to essential business data
  • Reduced publishing and shipping charges
  • Reduced storage space
  • Capability for web access