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Latest Version of iTunes Duplicate Remover Pro version 3.0

$9.99 + Tax Download the latest version by clicking here!

1- iTunes D.R. Pro scans iTunes' library in its entirety for duplicate tracks.
2- iTunes D.R. Pro allows you to define how to conduct the search. By Track Name, Album, Artist and Composer.
3- iTunes D.R. Pro Scans and Displays all duplicate records in a grid for your review prior to the removal process.
4- iTunes D.R. Pro allows you to archive/backup the duplicate files before deleting them.
5- iTunes D.R. Pro compares duplicate tracks and removes only the tracks with lesser quality and bit rate.
6- iTunes D.R. Pro allows you to create a log file of all the deleted files and other important information.
7- iTunes D.R. Pro updates MetaData of tracks/songs inside your itunes library individually or by batch.
8- Get Lyrics to your favorite Songs

9- Support: +1 (310) 315-3539 9:00am - 5:00pm (Phone Support PST)
10- Extended support: e-mail only.



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