Citizens Business Bank

Business Bank Builds CD Archives
of Customers’ Cancelled Checks

Images are scanned and imported daily;
customers receive monthly electronic statements

Citizens Business Bank (CBB), with its headquarters in Ontario, CA, is a leading financial institution originally founded as Chino State Bank. During its quarter century of business success, the bank has grown to include 30 branches and more than 800 employees, serving 78,000 customers in California’s Inland Empire, Orange County, San Gabriel Valley and High Desert communities. Assets exceed $2 billion.

CBB needed a system to provide its customers with a convenient and cost effective way to manage their checks. It was essential that the new system have the capacity to scan items in house in order to create and provide a CD of the cancelled check images for customers who request electronic archiving.

Early in the year 2000, CBB sought a more efficient archival and retrieval system that would fulfill the needed service but would no require extensive clerical processing. The bank found an answer in a proprietary system designed and implemented by Captaris reseller AuLogic.

With the new system, cancelled checks are scanned and indexed daily into an electronic database using Captaris’ Alchemy® as the document repository. The system accommodates the local check scanning and entry, as well as importing of images from the Federal Reserve for account reconciliation, audit trails, cross checks with the main sorter and production of monthly CDs. Alchemy accommodates the search and retrieval process through a custom-designed user interface. A related, custom module generates statistical reports, indicating which accounts have been entered.

Branch bank checks are scanned directly into Alchemy daily, but the largest volume is imported on a CD from the Federal Reserve after interbank processing and clearance. Local scanning requires about an hour daily. IMR’s DataGrabber and Scan2 capture OCR characters and indexing information from the Federal Reserve images.

Monthly, the bank compiles a master database of the cancelled checks from the accounts of all of the customers that have subscribed to the service. Each customer gets a CD containing images of the checks that have cleared their account during the statement cycle, and a copy containing the images goes to the branch that maintains that account. The customer or the branch can then download images to a local hard drive for viewing or printing.

Return on Investment
Citizens Business Bank created a system that provides to its customers a convenient, cost effective way to manage their checks. It enables the bank to scan and archive cancelled checks electronically, in-house, and provide customers with CDs of their respective check images. The new service enables customers to maintain a history of their cancelled checks in their own company databases, eliminating the need to contact the bank to reconcile account statements

“Use of Alchemy software has provided Citizens Business Bank the opportunity to solidify customer relationships by providing a solution for customer needs without compromising bank functionality,” said Lori Forrest, assistant vice president of Technology Services. “What’s more, it has allowed us to be competitive in our marketplace while making it possible for us to grow with new technology trends.”

Summary of Benefits

  • Alchemy enables low-cost CD archiving of cancelled checks
  • Electronic archives reduce the need for conventional storage
  • Customer service is enhanced
  • Clerical processing, printing and mailing charges are reduced